Stranded due to problem with the wheel on her mobility scooter

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Lots of things can make people feel marginalised. Different skin colour, different lifestyle, disability. We all make assumptions based on limited information and little experience. This is a story of how these assumptions were turned on their head.

Abergavenny market is a great place to be on a sunny Summer Sunday. It’s bright, bustling and full of people from all walks of life. As I walked around I suddenly spotted an elderly lady together with her companion stranded due to problem with the wheel on her mobility scooter.  There were people walking around the stranded pair who seemed at a loss.

The next minute the crowd seemed to part and a group of large bikers entered the scene. They were enormous, with bushy beards, leather jackets, cut off waist coats, and a snarling countenance that looked ready to bite the head off chickens.

The gentile ladies stopped and gawped before renewing their efforts to get moving at a much faster pace. The bikers came closer until they towered over the stricken pair.  The next minute the lead biker swooped. He was down on his knees in a minute; the ladies gave a stifled gasped as he reached for the scooter.

You’ve just go a bit of a jam here he said amiably, and shouted for a prospect to go get his tools from the bike.

Ten minutes later the problem solved the mobility scooter was rearing to go. Fixed, oiled and working perfectly with the ladies tucking into Welsh cakes and tea courtesy of the helpful prospect.

I don’t know how to thank you, the lady on the mobility scooter breathed. No problem said the big man, us biker types need to stick together, and with a wave he was gone.


Debby Phillips