I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis age 2,

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My mam was my unpaid main carer all my life, as I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis age 2.  The last 3 years of her life I became hers,  after my fit healthy 65 year old mother couldn\’t stand up at a dinner party to let people pass, we called an ambulance and the hospital thought she had suffered a stroke, but no she had actually lung cancer, which had spread to her brain, she was immediately taken into hospital and had the brain tumour removed, she flew through the operation and the lung cancer could not be found, 12 months later a further tumour grew on her brain, she once again had it removed but this time she lost movement down one side so walking became impossible.  Trying to get this always busy fit woman to accept she couldn\’t walk anymore was so hard, so sick of seeing her sat at the computer I spotted a mobility scooter on Ebay, I rang the man selling it and he brought it to the door, my 17 year old nephew Jack flew round the block on it and we bought it.  The weekend

came and usually  my nephew would pop in town and get her odds and ends, but this time she was going with him, we got her on the mobility scooter and off she went, he came back in hysterics, she had loved it and gone in all the pound shops in town, but as she maneuvered her way round she knocked over all their baskets and shelves, Jack and his girlfriend had to scurry behind picking up after her, she was oblivious! That scooter and the few days out they had together were memories you couldn\’t buy.  Sadly a third tumour grew and we lost her last July, He still laughs about her antics  driving her mobility scooter.  Now he makes new memories with his old aunty Bev as my knees are not as good as they were, and that scooter gave me a new lease of life, but he says it\’s not as much fun as he had with his nana.