A warning for all other contact lens users! and a thanks to UK Hospital

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This happened to me and is a warning for all other contact lens users!

Over the years I had worn contact lenses and I had been quite blaze about putting them in and taking them out. I always carefully washed my hands but I could have been more diligent about disinfecting my lens cases more.

I was on holiday when I first got the pain in my eye, like I had something in it. Within hours the pain was so intense I was at the hospital. I knew then I had to fly home and that decision saved my sight. On arrival in the UK I went straight to the hospital and was admitted due to excrutiating pain and sight loss. I had pseudomonus in my eye!  It is a bacterial infection that enters the eye by a scratch and a contact lense traps it in especially if that lense isn\’t sterile or has been touched by a finger or hand that hasn\’t been scrubbed. I was told the bacteria was eating it\’s way back into my eye and then into my blood stream and I would have to have the eye removed the next day if it wasn\’t brought under control.

Fortunately the eye hospital were successful and I spent the next 7 days in hospital, have a scar on the cornea but my sight was saved.

Please, never underestimate the dangers that carelessness with contact lenses can bring. If it wasn\’t for the UK hospital I wouldn\’t even be here because you can quickly die  from it if it isn\’t treated promptly.