I am still sorry, to this day that I didn\’t help the disabled lady

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A Few years ago, We went to a country fair. It was a lovely hot sunny day, perfect for our family day out. There was stalls, rides for children, and fun games for all to play. The best part was the food..!

The choice was endless – Steak, potato ash, cakes, candy floss – everything you can imagine..
I decided on the hog roast stand. Spit roast pork stuffed into thick white bread and then smothered with any sauce you desired.
I joined the queue behind a lady in a Powered wheelchair. At the time, I had no idea what her disability was, or why me noticing her and my experience of her would stick in my mind forever.
She ordered her sandwich and managed to somehow balance it on her knee while she maneuvered her power wheelchair to a table where the sauces were. I was frozen to the spot, i was fascinated my eyes followed her every move.

In her attempts to add sauce to her pork sandwich, she managed to drop the whole thing on the floor.  She stopped, waited, tried to pick it up but couldn\’t reach it. I could see her mind ticking while she thought about what to do next. She turned around, clearly deflated and moved off back into the fair.

She had no sandwich, maybe no money to buy another one and no one with her. At the time I had no reason to have any interest in this. I didn\’t know personally anyone disabled or any wheelchair users. Yet the picture of this situation was etched in my mind so vividly and evoked strong emotions in me every time I replayed it in my head.

I now know why this had such a profound effect on me.
I have a 5 year old daughter, Casey who hasvcerebral palsy. She can’t walk and is incontinent – she can speak very well and her cognitive function is almost ‘normal’ if there is such a thing – very similar to the presentation of the lady at the fair.

And now – because of that day at the country fair – I understand.

I understand the challenges that Casey will face in life.., for her whole life. And this is because of this fleeting moment where this poor lady gave me an insight into my daughters future. She was able to show me a picture of the challenges that my child with always face.

I am still sorry, to this day that I didn\’t help the disabled lady. I don\’t even know if she would have wanted me to.

I will always be grateful to this stranger for giving me the most amazing gift…, and she will never even know.


(After reading this story, it made me feel sad, but i have worked and spoke with hundreds of disabled people, i would have said, \”Hi, can i help there?\” this give the disabled person there way out if they don\’t want help,) you can correct me if i am wrong.

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