breathing problems but life goes on

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I have two sisters and between us we have eight children.  We always struggle to think of new gifts for their birthdays so we started a new tradition.  On their birthday, the birthday child would be taken out by the three of us along with our Mum.  We would head to the Trafford Centre, do some window shopping, a purchase in build a bear and dinner out.  This tradition has been going on for several years and is something we all look forward.  Now my mum isn\’t old, just 64 but has breathing problems.  She thought her visits were over as she could not walk through the mall.  However, thanks to Shopmob, a fabulous electric scooter & a wheelchair car she is now able to come with us and continue to enjoy this much loved experience.  And if anything, it has added to the fun as the children like to distract her and turn up the speed – she finds it very funny.

The morel behind this story is simple, no matter what life throws at you, get the transport or equipment you need and keep going !

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