BHS had not considered accessibility of the disabled,

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I cannot believe in 2014 a company like BHS hasn\’t considered accessibility of the disabled, Letters like this need to be sent to make companies aware!

This is the letter I sent to CEO of BHS
I received an immediate reply and the matter was rectified in stores the following day! Result!! I also received a £20 BHS gift card for my trouble.

Dear Mr Grabiner,

I have decided to contact you directly with a complaint regarding the Burton on Trent BHS store.

I have today attempted to visit with my elderly Mother who unfortunately now has to be pushed in a wheelchair due to ill health.

As we entered the store the large Christmas gift area beckoned us, beautifully displayed, but all was not as it seemed. The amount of space between each small aisle was ridiculously narrow making it impossible to shop or browse the items , with other shoppers as well it made the experience very fraught and frustrating. We very soon gave up completely.

I found a sales assistant and asked to speak to someone who was in charge of that particular area, she used a \’walkie talkie\’ device to speak to someone, who obviously didn\’t want to have anything to do with my request, so the assistant shouted someone else over who \’ummed and arred\’ about who to get to see me? I told them not to bother, I would email BHS directly. So here I am.

I cannot believe in 2014 a company like BHS hasn\’t considered accessibility of the disabled, my Mother\’s wheelchair is of a standard size, but some powered scooter types are much bigger, so I would think there is likely to be a lot of accidents and breakages or just a loss of customers, both of which I\’m sure BHS wouldn\’t want.

Surely as part of the Disability Discrimination Act your stores should be legally obliged to provide enough space for people in wheelchairs are indeed Parents with prams etc. It shouldn\’t be a case of how much stock can be crammed in, but how easy it is to get to. Inability to do the latter is hardly good for sales.

I await you reply.

Mrs Claire Re****n