Wheelchair adapted vehicles Scotland

Need a wheelchair accessible vehicles Scotland ? Click here for our Cars for sale , we are a specialist and we stock between 40 – 50 excellent quality used wheelchair accessible vehicles which can be delivered to your door in Scotland,   area\’s on approval.                     […]

breathing problems but life goes on

**Competition story please share on facebook if you think it should win the i-pad,** I have two sisters and between us we have eight children.  We always struggle to think of new gifts for their birthdays so we started a new tradition.  On their birthday, the birthday child would be taken out by the three of […]

Taking your mobility car to gibraltar (just for fun)

An advisory customer service notice for anyone wanting to take the mobility vehicle to Gibraltar next summer, It is a must to drive up the rock of Gibraltar after purchasing some food for a picnic, it might be a good idea to keep you windows closed if your not the sharing type though because these […]