wheelchair adapted van to devon

wheelchair adapted van to devon Click here to see more ** wheelchair accessible cars for sale **. Whilst delivering a gm coachwork wheelchair adapted van to buckfast in devon, The conversation between the customer and myself turned to arthritis and sore joints, this in turn the lead to a tip from the customer, \”cortaflex\” which is […]

MS Therapy Centre, the aim is to enrich the lives of disabled people,

A very good local charity who needs awareness PLEASE SHARE this story on the above Facebook and twitter links, they would benefit from winning the i-pad, At the MS Therapy Centre (NW) our aim is to enrich the lives of people living with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis who have long term effects and disabilities […]

paraplegic due to an accident wow

This story is an inspiration and the message is don\’t give ! I am Mufaddal Mohamed Jivanjee aged 29 living in Nairobi, Kenya. I am paraplegic due to an accident. On 2nd June 2011 while I was driving my car I had a sever accident some 500km away from Nairobi in the villages. When the […]

Mobility Nationwide is not connected to us !

PLEASE NOTE ! Mobility Nationwide is NOT connected to wheelchair cars ltd in anyway shape or form, we thought we best make this clear because of a couple of phone calls over the last week, one complaint and one breakdown. As it expires there is a small man             and […]

Abusing Facilities , able bodied using disabled bays,

Hi all There’s nothing more annoying than people using and abusing public facilities. Toilets designed for mothers and babies being damaged, graffiti, bus stops, well you get the picture. But one thing that really winds me up, is the abuse of facilities designed for people with disabilities. There are many people that find getting out […]

New To Wheelchair Cars, A Quick Hello.

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Gareth and I have recently started working with Wheelchair Cars. Wheelchair Cars were looking to offer a position to a local person with disabilities, as over the years, through their line of work, they have become very focussed on the needs […]

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