Disabled toileting facilities did not have a hoist over the toilet. (rant)

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I went to Dunham Massey Park with my friend whose daughter is wheelchair bound. We had been to the café and had a lovely afternoon until my friends daughter needed to go to the toilet. The disabled toileting facilities did not have a hoist over the toilet. Even though she is in a wheel chair she is not incontinent which seems to be a common issue. When I found out the difficulties they had in so many places, I decided to write a letter to the Head of the National Trust to point this problem out to them on behalf of my friend. It happened that they were in the process of building a new information/toilet block. Great, I thought and informed my friend. She then \”took the baton\” and started liaising with the National Trust with regards to the progress. They, despite this, put the hoist in the wrong place. I am shocked that those in charge of putting such facilities in, have so little knowledge of disabilities. Not every wheelchair user, like Amy, have no control over their bodily funct
ions. They deserve dignity like the rest of us. The hoist was then removed because of fears of vandalism. To date, there has not been any other work done to resolve the problem. I was appalled to hear how few places cater for such disabilities. Do companies not realise that disabled people rarely visit on their own. We were a party of 6, all buying drinks and food but will not be going back again if the facilities are poor. It actually makes excellent business sense to help the disabled. The word is passed around disabled communities about places with fantastic facilities because they are so few and far between. I think that wheelchair users should name and shame high profile companies who neglect their responsibilities to their customers.


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