Blind man use specialized screen reading software in order to use the pc

This may not be the longest story in the world but it wrote from the heart of a blind man who is happy to have his own motability car, the story was sent in for the i pad competition, please give bob a share on twitter or Facebook,
I am blind and therefore I must use specialized screen reading software in order to use the pc, I have a car on Motorbility  (a VW Touran) 2014 edition my driver has MS and a bipolar disorder we carry a wheelchair in the boot wherever we go. It\’s a 7 seater my Guide dog travels with me all the time and as with most guide dogs she curls up at my feet.
My best mate also has MS he also has a Motorbility vehicle but his is a Teepee, he has a hoist in the back of his to pick up his motorized scooter.  Bob later added a little extra to show his sense of humor. 
Now then as I explained before I am blind and therefore I must use specialised screenreading software in order to use the pc, funny disability stories, I should have mentioned both my eyes are glass,
A couple of years ago I was sitting on a park bench in Whitehaven and was arrested allegedly for being drunk & disorderly (I don\’t drink – I can\’t due to medication I take to stay alive) anyway this copper takes me into custody where this Desk Sargent says whilst stroking my guide dog, \”Why did you arrest this man\”. 
\”He had a glazed expression sir I thought he was drunk\” what a laugh when I told this fresh faced eager copper that both eyes are glass, I can only imagine how embarressed he must have felt.  
Back in the 90\’s we\’d been up here a few month having moved from Colne in Lancs. where folk have a bit of intelligence as opposed to them up her in DUMBRIA I mean CUMBRIA.  Well I got off this bus with Peggy my guide dog at the time I was on my way to this Lions Club Meeting and I felt a bit disorientated so I stopped this lady and said, \”Could you tell me the way to Woolworths please?\” (Yes Woolies was still around at the time) I couldn\’t believe it, this woman bent down and spoke to the dog and said, \”go down here third left etc.\” I mean come on our dogs are clever but not that blinking clever lol.
Although we are all blind some of the kids at a Blind Club I run called VIP (Visually Impaired Person) Club have made an animated banner for your website.
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