Mental illness is the silent killer, Awareness needed,

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My brother died in March last year after suffering for over a decade with schizophrenia. He was very poorly and received full time care for several years.

He had made progress with his recovery and moved back into the community via \’supported housing\’, a way for him to get the help he needed whilst slowly re-entering society at a pace he felt comfortable with. This is when his care all but disappeared, he went from full 24 hour care to an hour and a half per week.
It was too much, too soon and this was due to inadequate resources.
He died because he was physically and mentally unwell and did not receive the care he needed, he died because of a lack of funding, and with potential cuts to Mental Health funding in the future, more people will die.
Mental illness is the silent killer, and with such social stigma surrounding mental health who is there to speak out for the people that are trapped by these debilitating illnesses?
I hope his story raises awareness.
I hope for tomorrow.


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