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Need a wheelchair access car in Aberdeen Scotland? Click here for our stock page ,  we are a specialist and we stock between 40 – 50 excellent quality used wheelchair accessible vehicles which can be delivered to your door in Aberdeen, Dyce, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire on approval,

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Today\’s delivery on approval was with a Peugeot partner disabled car year 2010 with an allied conversion. The gentleman paid £500 deposit to secure the car, The chap lived close to Aberdeen Airport which is in Dyce, We agreed to meet at the airport on the understanding  that we would drive the car up (345 miles) and if the car was as described he would purchase the car there and then. if the car was not as described we would return the deposit and drive the car away. As you can imagine it is in our own best interest to stand by our word and present a car in excellent condition. We did not want to travel to this demo in our truck because of the fuel consumption, tacho time and because it was so close to Aberdeen airport which gave us a return cost of £77, it was a no brainier. so the flight was book for 11.45 am 18th sept and the meet took place at 10am, this gave the purchaser 1 hour to look round the car and test drive. the chap already had a wheelchair adapted car so the working of the ramp and belts was not needed to be demonstrated.

The photos below show thick fog at Aberdeen airport which gave a 1 hour delay and a lovely day at Manchester airport after a 1 hour 15 minute flight.























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