Mobility Nationwide is not connected to us !


Mobility Nationwide is NOT connected to wheelchair cars ltd in anyway shape or form, we thought we best make this clear because of a couple of phone calls over the last week, one complaint and one breakdown.

As it expires there is a small man             and wife team in Ruthin north wales who is trying to latch onto our presence by spamming the Google search term of wheelchair cars Eccles and wheelchair cars manchester. Now as you no, we are wheelchair cars limited and we are in Eccles. It can be argued that wheelchair cars is a generic term, but wheelchair cars Eccles or Manchester is certainly not especially if you are based in Ruthin north wales.

As much as we pity this company who have opened up a business in a small market town in the middle of nowhere, but It\’s not up to us to take any of there calls of complaint.

Yes they are like a bad smell that does not go away, but please remember, if you  buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle off us, you will get 100% care and back up from a company that is in a large city (on a fast motorway network) which gives us access to lots of parts, resources, and main dealer agents on the same-day.