Destiny say’s D is for Determination not Disability

**A brilliant competition story with a message at the end**

My Great-granddaughter Destiny was born with Meningocele Spina Bifida she also had ventriculomegaly, Arnold chiari type 2 Neurogenic bladder and bowel, bilateral calcaneovalgus talipes and bilateral dislocated hips,  her problems were discovered at the 20 week scan and a termination was recommend as it was said she would have no quality of life.

After much soul searching her parents decided they had to give her a chance and this beautiful little bundle of joy entered the world on the 23rd November 2011, bringing with her such love and happiness. She sailed through her operation to close her back and amazed everyone with her strength and determination to thrive.

Pushing herself beyond the limits she learnt to sit up and eventually crawl. After undergoing an operation to fix her hips still in a spica cast was soon dragging herself around the house nothing or no-one was stopping this little miracle making her mark in the world.

Today Destiny is a beautiful three year old who loves princesses and pretty clothes she wants’ to dance but says her legs don’t work but she has learnt to put on a good dance show on her knees.

Destiny loves to sing and can remember the words to her favorite songs with no trouble. She knows her colors, numbers and shapes and is reaching milestones that was thought impossible,

Destiny can climb as well as any boy by pulling herself up with her arms, and has now learnt to pull herself to stand holding on to something.

Her latest trick to try and walk along holding on to the furniture and the sheer excitement on her little face when she manages to make it to the end of the settee is a joy to see.

Those little words when she beams up at you and says “Look I’m walking” has the power to melt the hardest of hearts.

We don’t know if she will ever be able to be fully mobility but with Destiny’s determination, strength of character and love of life we will never say never because this wonderful and brave little girl does not know the meaning of the words “you can’t or you will never do that”

To any family out there who maybe are we were at the beginning, I want to say this to you. “Don’t give up hope; don’t ever underestimate the power of a child’s determination because if your little bundle is anything like our beautiful funny and loving little girl your life will be enriched and despite the struggles your world becomes a much brighter place to live.

Meningocele Spina Bifida 1

Meningocele Spina Bifida 1

Meningocele Spina Bifida 2

Meningocele Spina Bifida 2

D is for Determination not Disability

D is for Determination not Disability

D is for Determination not Disability 1

D is for Determination not Disability & H is for

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